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SJTA Membership Handbook

How To Get Legal Services


If you require legal assistance, contact Tom Alves, Executive Director, or Sandra Galindo, Associate Executive Director at SJTA. They may authorize and obtain CTA/NEA legal services and may further assist in directing you to other CTA services which may be needed. SJTA will gladly discuss your questions regarding any features of the legal services program.

Advice and Consultation

When authorized by SJTA staff, members are entitled to free advice and consultation on job-related matters, including:

  1. Leaves
  2. Retirement
  3. Salary
  4. Suspension
  5. Criminal Charges
  6. Teaching Assignment
  7. Credential Problems
  8. Demotion or Transfer
  9. Discipline of Pupils
  10. Dismissal


In addition to advice and consultation, the CTA/NEA Group Legal Services Program provides for legal representation in certain cases. Eligibility requires CTA membership at the time of the occurrence leading to the need for legal services. Upon request, automatic legal representation coverage includes:

  1. Reduction in Force (Teacher Layoffs)
  2. Tenured Teacher Dismissals for Cause
  3. Mid-Year Probationary Dismissals and Mental Illness Suspensions
  4. Credential Reviews