SJTA Membership Handbook
Attorney Referral on Private Legal Matters

One half-hour of free advice and consultation with a CTA Group Legal Services attorney is provided to individual SJTA/CTA/NEA members on each separate (non-employment) legal matter.

The advice and consultation cover a full range of legal questions, including:

  1. Wills and Probate
  2. Domestic Matters
  3. Vehicle Code Violations
  4. Personal Injury
  5. Bankruptcy (personal)
  6. Credit Claims
  7. Change of Name
  8. Criminal Charges
  9. Consumer Protection
  10. Real Estate

Members may be referred to a Group Legal Services attorney on private legal matters by their SJTA/CTA/NEA Staff Rep. If you have several different legal problems during the year, you may consult CTA’s Group Legal Services attorney on each of the problems. You may arrange individually with the attorneys for the payment of private legal services – usually at a considerable savings.

CTA/NEA Liability Insurance
The CTA/NEA Educators Employment Liability Insurance Policy is provided through the Horace Mann Insurance Company for active members of CTA/NEA. The insurance provides teachers with job-related liability protection in the amount of $1 million per occurrence. The policy also offers reimbursement of attorneys’ fees for certain criminal and civil rights proceedings. For information on restrictions, eligibility and claims, please refer to the policy itself, or contact your SJTA/CTA/NEA Staff Representative.