SJTA Membership Handbook
Benefits of Membership

What are the benefits and privileges of being a member of your professional organization? The following is a list of benefits, services, and activities which are available to NEA/CTA members, but not to agency fee payers:

  1. Participation in chapter, CTA, and NEA decision making. Only members may elect representatives and officers of the chapter, CTA and NEA. Agency fee payers have no guaranteed voice in local, state and national association matters, other than input on contract proposals. Chapters may even exclude fee payers from contract ratification.
  2. The CTA group legal services program.
  3. CTA-sponsored insurance programs: income protection, life, automobile and homeowners insurance policies.
  4. Credit unions: accounts, loans, payroll deductions, and loan payment plans.
  5. $1,000,000 liability insurance policy for work-related lawsuits and criminal charges.
  6. The accident and survivor benefit program. Members should be reminded that eligibility for this program is contingent on continuous membership in CTA while employed as a California Public School educator. A break in CTA membership will render an individual ineligible for this benefit.
  7. NEA Dues-TAB Life Insurance which is free Life Insurance in the amount of the past 5 years NEA dues paid.
  8. Professional Growth and Continued Education Credit for SJTA sponsored trainings in professional development.

Any questions about your benefits can be answered by calling 487-SJTA.