SJTA Membership Handbook

SJTA Representative Council

The SJTA Representative Council is composed of at least one representative from each school site in the District. Larger sites are allotted one representative for each 15 members or major fraction thereof. When there is more than one Faculty Representative (FR), a senior FR will be elected.

Representatives are selected by SJTA members at each site either through election or on a voluntary basis. The FR is the direct link between SJTA the organization and its members. The FR represents members at his/her site by holding meetings, distributing literature, and conferring with site administrators on teacher concerns. The FR also represents teachers as a voting member of SJTA’s policy-making body at the Representative Council that meets every third Wednesday of the month.

SJTA encourages you to represent your site. Incentives the FR, or senior FR, receives for his/her service include credit for non-instructional duties, professional growth hours, and in-service credit for placement on the salary schedule.