SJTA Membership Handbook

Congratulations and welcome to the rewarding profession of education. We thank you for choosing to work in the San Juan Unified School District. The San Juan Teachers Association provides services in many areas to the educators in the San Juan District. Besides bargaining contract improvements, including salary, health care and working conditions, the San Juan Teachers Association also provides professional training.

Members not only benefit from the Association’s experience in immediate and effective response to teacher concerns, but further benefit from the NEA Educators Liability Program, a professional liability insurance plan which provides up to a million dollars in payment for legal cost for actions taken against a member in the course of work. Also, the member is provided with the NEA Dues-TAB, a no cost insurance coverage consisting of a life insurance benefit, an accidental death and dismemberment benefit, and a special $50,000 benefit of accidental death and dismemberment that occurs while on the job or serving as an Association leader. As a CTA member, you are provided a CTA death and dismemberment plan. This plan provides a life insurance benefit that increases with each year of continuous CTA membership. The maximum benefit for this plan is achieved after ten continuous years of CTA membership, and maximizes at $10,000. Finally, the California Teachers Association provides the CTA-GLSP benefit which, as a member of the California Teachers Association Group Legal Services Plan, entitles the member to several free job and non-job related consultations with an attorney.

Under the provisions of our Collective Bargaining Agreement, all Bargaining Unit Members must pay their Fair Share. We hope you will elect to become a member and receive all the benefits. We are here to provide support and assistance for our members. Should you have a question, always feel free to call our office at 487-7582. We look forward to meeting you and providing support as you begin your career in the San Juan District.

Respectfully yours,

Barry Roth
SJTA President