Section 125 Benefits

Do you spend money on over the counter drugs, daycare expenses, any other expenses that your medical, dental and vision expenses do not cover??? If so you are like a lot of other Americans who have not remembered that there is a program out there to give you the opportunity to pay for these items with pre-tax dollars.

Do you want to save money on any additional voluntary benefits you may be interested in such as accident, intensive care, cancer supplemental plans, term life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment plans??

San Juan’s Section 125 plan can help you with these problems and increase your net take home paycheck at the same time. By using the district’s 125 plan you can get these items paid for with tax free dollars by electing to pre-tax them and take them off your contract salary tax free forever!!!

These items include: any un-reimbursed medical, dental and vision expenses up to $3600 each year. Expenses can include over the counter drugs that the IRS allows, Ortho expenses, deductibles and co-pays as well as eye glasses, contact lenses and Lasek eye surgery.You can spend up to $5000.00 a year in your dependent Care account for any qualified elder and daycare expenses.

For further information please contact our Section 125 provider during the Section 125 enrollment or call 1-800-365-8306 ext 0 to find out how much you can save.