SJTA Programs for Social Justice Sponsors

The San Juan Teachers Association provides a program of professional development courses for all teachers, nurses, speech therapists and librarians in the San Juan Unified School District. This program focuses primarily on the area of social justice education and is funded in large part by the generous donations of companies and individuals who share our interest in education and our concern for our school communities.

SJTA recognizes the existence of racial, religious and cultural diversity within our district and the increasing incidents of violence within our schools related to these individual differences. Conflicts between students related to class, color, gender, sexual orientation, spoken language and gang identification have become common. These tensions reduce safety in the classroom, limit the effectiveness of teachers, and interfere with student learning.

In an effort to return all classrooms to positive learning environments, SJTA has initiated this course of professional development designed to increase sensitivity and awareness of diversity, foster respect for cultural differences, and improve communication skills of our teachers. With this training, teachers can return to their classrooms and promote these ideals and restore our public schools to safe, violence-free institutions of learning.

American Fidelity Assurance • Tangee Franco • (916) 683-8306

Buck Consultants • Jill Neilson • (415) 392-0616

California Casualty • Amanda Keidel • (916) 872-5662

Delta Dental • Ryan Neese • (916) 861-2424

Kaiser Permanente

The Standard • Al Tredway • (800) 5520406

Vision Service Plan • Lucinda Ward • (916) 851-5093

Western Health Advantage • Rick Heron • (916) 614-6009